FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I park?

There are numerous parking areas around The Catlow. There is a new municipal parking lot across from the theater on Main St. It is part of the new Village Center building. There is a lot behind the storefronts next to the theater and more spots behind the theater as well as on-street parking being available.


The only caveat being that the on-street parking is not allowed during the ‘rush hours’ of 4 to 6pm Monday thru Friday. That will only affect our first show on Friday. For all other showtimes, on-street parking is allowed.


Remember not to park directly in front of The Catlow’s doors during showtimes. That area serves as Fire Dept. access and carries a fine of, I believe, $150. So please, don’t block the front doors when you park.


When does the Catlow box office start selling tickets?

The box office opens one hour before the first show of the day.


How do you choose your movie features?

We research the upcoming releases and pick movie titles that we believe would be of interest to our patrons. Then we list those titles on our main webpage under the Current Showtimes section. This allows our patrons to look them over and decide what they would like to see here. We also provide a form on the bottom of that webpage for patrons to vote for their favorite titles. When it comes time to book our next feature, we try to get the ones with the most votes. So, basically, our movie-goers pick our movies for us.


Where can I find MPAA movie rating information for your current feature?

Check out MPAA.org for more information.


Do you rent out The Catlow for events?

It would depend on the event and time requested. For more information, use our Contact Form to make your request.


Do you have assistive listening devices?

Yes, we have Assistive Listening Devices and Caption Readers. Patrons must deposit a valid driver's license or valid state identification when checking out these units.


How can I advertise on your screen?

We offer advertising screen time to LOCAL businesses and organizations. Check out our advertising information here.


What do you do with your old movie posters?

The movie studios require us to either archive them or destroy them after their play-dates are completed here.


Why don't you allow outside food or beverages in the theater (besides Boloney's)?

We have to enforce a 'no outside food' policy. Our survival depends on concession sales. Can you imagine what would happen if you brought outside food into another restaurant? It's just not the proper thing to do.


Boloney’s food is okay to bring in, because we own that, also. Other outside food is taboo… it cuts into our food and concession sales, which is how movie theaters make most of their money. We try to keep our concession prices reasonable so that there isn’t the temptation to smuggle food in. That is why we are so strict with this policy and how it benefits everyone when you buy from our concession stand. There are also safety concerns with outside food that would not be covered under our insurance.


Has your Kickstarter campaign really helped to 'kickstart' your business?

YES! This is now over three years since our digital conversion. The purpose of a Kickstarter campaign, especially in our case, is to help get a business back on its feet by offering worthwhile incentives in exchange for funding to accomplish those goals. Many of our Kickstarter Rewards are running out for our backers, but we want you to know that we will always appreciate their participation in our effort to rebuild The Catlow into a showplace for generations to come.


We have been able to replace or repair most of the issues that were (understandably) keeping many people away from the theater. Among the highlights are all new, state of the art digital projection, digital surround sound, new movie screen, new comfortable seating, new heating/air conditioning system... even a new popcorn machine and butter dispenser. We also started using the Square Stand/iPod POS systems to speed up our ticket and concession lines. Boloney's uses them as well to help speed up the food orders.


So far, so good!  The crowds have been growing and people are very happy with the improvements. We have been able to run other movie events that would have been impossible when we were strictly film based, and, throughout all that, we have managed to keep our admission prices low.


Where is your Lost and Found?

Our Lost and Found is located at the Catlow Concession counter. For lost and found inquiries, please call 847-381-2547. We will hold lost items for 30 days and donated to charity or discarded after 30 days.


What is your cell phone policy?

We request that all cell cell phones be placed in 'ringer off' mode while the main feature is playing. If necessary, calls can be answered or phoned out in our lobby area, but please remember to keep your voice low as to not disturb the other movie-goers


Are concealed carry weapons permit holders allowed to carry within the Catlow?

No, for our patrons safety from accidents, firearms are prohibited.


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